30 December 2009

The End

        Finally, my HAPPY KL life comes to its end. Day-180 in KL, I leave Kuala Lumpur together with my little Kancil, packing all happy memories in KL into the luggage and thinking may be some other day I might have the chance to reveal it again. Goodbye KL!! Thanks. I'll be back if I got the chance.

04 December 2009

I Wanna Wish You A Merry Christmas

        Christmas is coming soon. Here I would like to share a Christmas Video Clip with everyone and Wish You All A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

28 November 2009

Tenji Japanese Buffet aka 天极日本式自助餐


“这个星期四去Tenji Japanese Buffet吃一餐吧,要吗?目前有促销哦,第二个人RM18.80而已。”

        结果,星期四没位子了,我们就打电话预约了这个星期一的晚餐时间。星期一,我们一行四个人,来到了位于Soho KL, Mont Kiara的Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant。不说废话,先摆上图片!







Haagen.Dazs 贵死人的雪糕,吃多点就把门票给吃回来了


 当然还有Baskin Robbins啦

















大合照 --可以看见,一片杯盘狼藉。





        总结,每个人付了Rm64.10,对我来说这一餐非常值得。你们还等什么?当然是等下一次的促销啦~哈哈。对了,可以看看思敏写的Dinner @ Tenji Japanese buffet ~

24 November 2009

Malacca - Segamat 2D1N Trip

        First of all, I would say: This post gonna be a damn long post!

        A Perfect TRIP needs a Perfect PLAN and a Perfect CAMERA. This is the conclusion that I wanna tell everyone after my trip together with friends to Malacca on last weekend. It was a perfect trip for me, really likes this kind of traveling.

        In fact, this plan comes in kinda rush situation. We just decided to go on last week Monday, while chatting on MSN.

" Wilson, you guys are going to end the internship this month. After that won't be able to meet you guys so often lo "
' Yalor.'
" Why don't we plan one trip? Hmm...Malacca! ok? "
' Ask Chin Keong, if he can drive then we on.'

*Invited Chin Keong into our conversation*

" Chin Keong, this weekend we go Malacca want or not? You driving, we share all Toll and fuels."
' Ok, no problems.'
" Then plan ON!!! oh yes! "

Oh yes Malacca here we come!

        First Station: Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball. We were struggling to select among 2 famous chicken rice ball shop which is Chung Wah and Hoe Kee. At the end we throw the problem to the ah pek who take care of the parking zone. He says: Chung Wah la, the chilli is very nice!

Opposite of the San Shu Gong (三叔公)

While waiting...

Tauke is preparing the chicken ( i guess he is )

Me and Emily

Tada~ Chicken Rice Ball

3/4 Chicken serves 4 person

This Tricycle driver is scolding the car which blocking his way lol

        Second Station: Christ Church, Dutch Square, A' Famosa and St. Paul's Church which all located in the same area. The Netherlands buildings near the Dutch Square are all in Red Color. We spent some times there to take some pictures.

It was a cloudy day. The river view is kinda nice.

Christ Church

Dutch's Clock Tower

The Monument by the son of the creator of the Clock Tower

This picture is nice for me.

The Bride was taking their Wedding album here.

Chin Keong, Emily and Wilson

St. Paul? Who chop his right hand?

St. Paul's Church

A' Famosa

Gallery of Admiral Cheng Ho

Outside the Muzeum

The Tree is damn huge!

The Train

        Third station: Taming Sari Malacca Tower, The Ship, Jonker Street Night Market

Taming Sari Malacca Tower

Ticket (RM 10 for Malaysian)

The View of the sea was nice. You can see Eye On Malaysia.

The Well besides the tower.
I try to play with my C905 with several angle and effect, finally get this.

Night Market at Jonker Street, only during weekend.

It was crowded but according to my friend Wilson, he said it is consider less people already. lol

        The night view of the Malacca River was very nice. We took several nice picture and I would like to share it here.
The River

        Fourth Station: Eye On Malaysia. I wanted to try it since very long time ago, but when i came to KL, it was already been moved to Malacca. But this time I didn't try also because there was too many people there and we were kinda lack of time. So I just took few pictures using my friend's phone.

        Fifth Station: Ban Li Siang Satay Celup. One of the famous food in Malacca. Wilson said there are 2 famous stall, we go to Ban Li Siang. But it was just taste like normal. The item there were cheap.

        Final Station: Segamat! After we finished the Satay Celup, we go back to Wilson's house which is at Segamat, Johor. Almost 2 hours driving from Malacca. It is a small town, but still bigger than my hometown, haha. We reach his house at 12 midnight =.=. Next morning, after our breakfast we went to the Hot Spring which is about 45 minutes from his house. It is a kinda small hot spring and already renovated become a small pool. There was a lot of people enjoying the hot spring there, kids and elders.

This daddy was helping his son to swim inside the pool

Then we headed to the train rail to take some pictures, Wilson lend me his Nikon and taught me some idea of how to capture a nice picture, thanks him.

        Finally before we back, we went to buy some biscuits at one famous shop in Labis. And with that I ended my perfect Malacca trip. ^^

You know what I am thinking now? I miss Wilson's camera!