31 January 2009

Meeting my "Net Friends"。见网友记

            At last, finally i managed to meet my "net Friend" who first met me in a game Ragnarok Online about 4yrs ago. Yesterday, we went to Ipoh.Oh ya, a little bit background introduction 1st. He is a fei zai, from pantai remis which located in Perak also, as mine. Currently he is studying at TAR Kolej Pahang. Our frenship is quite weird, we never see each other but we always call to the other, sometimes i also wonder why i waste my credit on a guy especialy a fei zai instead of gals haha...

           I can borrow him money when he wanted to go to Jay Chou's concert, he just need to give me a call or sms and his account number, and so did him. He asked me many times to go Pantai Remis to meet him but everytime also end up with nothing.( guess he might feel very disappointed haha)

          Back to yesterday, when i throw my first sight on him, he was looks like a stranger yet i can feel some familar-ness on him. He was with the other 2 frens who i knew in the same game also. They are Ping and Dua Bui. The main character is Meng.

Me and Meng

Dua Bui


           Fei zai really looks like one of the actor in the taiwan drama which currently playing on dono which tv channel, its name is Love (爱). In the drama, the one who looks alike with meng is a bad character, the different is Meng is the fat version nia haha........

         The 1st place we went is Jusco Ipoh, 4 males who never meet b4 go watch movie, it is quite funny haha. The movie we watched is Underworld3 -Rise of the Lycon which choosed by Meng and at the end complained by duabui who said " This movie not nice at all, only kiss kiss then kill kill..." hahaahaha i can see there was 3 lines appeared on meng's head like this = =|||

         Then we headed to Ipoh Parade and the Yik Foong. B4 we went back, we headed to eat the famous Nga Choi Gai ( bean sprouts chicken or tau geh chicken ) even though i never thought it is delicious than the chicken which cook by my mom. It is very "difficult" to eat it. 15 mins of waiting for a empty table, and then another 15mins to wait for ppl to clean up the mess on it. After the table was cleaned up, another 15mins to wait for the person to take your order. After 15mins again, our order finally servered. Drinks, which i have to approach the one who incharge and tell him wat i need instead of wait him to come and serve us ( it is too crowded and he was busy serving those sitting outside ), but the drinks is nice , Plum Orange juice (酸梅桔子水)RM1.30 worth to try.

Lou Wong's Bean SproutsChicken 

Bean Sprouts

You can choose either sa ho fan or rice

Plum Orange Juice

Meet ball soup

          The price is total RM66.40 for 4 person, a bit expensive = = That's all for the trip~


  1. not a bit expensive lo...is really expensive jz few dishes that costs u more than 60 bucks

  2. so daring wan. nextime i can just cheat yr money easily.

  3. Dishes + 7 drinks ma.. Really not so worth, the bean sprouts and chicken, especially chicken, like ordinary and not so delicious.

  4. Trust ma...if u wan borrow i also borrow de, but i think u will not need it haha


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