29 January 2009

A visit to flooded kampung。受水灾波及的村庄之旅

                The Sunday before i came back to hometown,Gerik, i went to some flooded kampung with AJK of JPK Kolej Cempaka. The reason we go there is just want to do some survey to confirm which kampung need our donation which from the collection of student cempaka. 

                It was a sunny day, we went to 3 villages which located near Matang and Bauk The village which located near Bauk, looks not so serious, only a very light line on the wall which shows that it witnessed the terrible flood. Then, we head to the second village which located around the same area also. The condition of the village is fine, it recover from the disaster very fast, from my view. 

         The last village, which was not in our plan, a village which happened 4 houses destroyed by the sea waves. The photo shows the house which "attacked" by the waves during the disaster. The house's owner told us they'd just move into the house for 5months, pitty them. And he told us the reason his house so "weak" just because of the “Jerry-buid" of the conscience-less contractor, who build his tiang without a metal embeded inside.

Next, we head to the Kuching Children Cancer 
Center. Our intention of this visit is want to know the children's situation before our official visit of penghuni cempaka to there. But unfortunately the volunteers were all went back and not around. The weird things was there was not even a single handphone number of the volunteers we can get, if we could get one of the number then we can know more details about those pity kids.


  1. ya hor...you know how the name come ma?
    They say is because last time that place was a place of battlefield, and then it was fulled of corpses once, the bau is very strong, then they name the place as BAU. I dono it is true story or not but i was told by a native fren.


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