03 April 2009


Ytd cempaka held an activity--Persona Cempaka. It is all about how to wear properly, grooming talk was given by one professional beauty therapist. The activity was very rush for the preparation. 1st April, we started to set up the venue. With some unexpected problems occured, our plan changed from plan A until dont know plan what already. We busy for the set up until midnight also cant finish it. But at the end it was finished on time.

The incomplete set up

2nd April i sleep until 1pm only wake up haha...then went down to continue the works. Until 6pm, I didn't stop working and so for every JPK who involved. The feeling of working together was really nice hehe.

While everyone was busy setting up for the ballons

Haha...the real thing which make me happy is her. Sheila,( wonder her name is spell like this or not ). Wanted to know her since very long ago haha...she is the cutest person I ever seen in UNIMAS ( personal point of view ). ^^ At the end, finaly i got the chance to take a photo with her, i was so nervous b4 i went to in front of her and ask to take a photo together ( Hmm...i think she looks better without those make up ). Besides, the fashion show which is one part of the activity was very successful , I was very happy when i saw the "suasana" was so hot, although many of the audiance's purpose were just come for the "cop Kolej Cempaka".

Yeah~Her name is Shilla


  1. Update:
    1)Very Happy also because of our hard work effort working fine...
    2)And very angry because some ppl don't know appreciate our efforts. By the way, as long as I/we feel happy myself/ourselves.

  2. Miss cempaka~

    someone pass by (from cempaka)


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