13 May 2009


Haha...8-5-09 also a lucky day for me. While i was wandering around the desa ilmu KFC after a morning tea at there with Jeff, we found a new open Ice-cream shop out there!!

That day was the opening day of the shop - SUMMER VALLEY. There offer a FREE soft serve ice-cream for everyone who go into the shop. Other opening days promotions:
-Loaf of Bread RM0.99 (one day only)
-Mineral water (while stock last)
~1.5L RM0.59/bottle
~500ml RM0.29/bottle
-Milo & Nescafe drinks RM0.99/cup (3 days)
-Free Summer Valley pen or a keychain for anyone who spend over RM10

For me i choose to buy a 50ea ice-cream cons , it just took me 2 days to finish them. I like ice-cream cons!! RM4.99, i sure will go and buy again soon hahaha

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