24 August 2009

Chilli Pan Mee。辣椒板面

21st August, I went to try this Chilli Pan Mee together with my brother.
When we were deciding where to have our dinner, my brother told me that this Chilli Pan Mee is very famous here. (Subang Jaya)

Chilli Pan Mee


Sour Plum Juice

Thai Style Taufu


The service is nice, we were served by smiling servant when we order the foods. Then we all the foods are on our table, the tauke teach us the proper way to eat the chilli pan mee.
First, we have to break the half fried egg yolk, then add the special made chilli and mix them all.
It is nice for my brother but for me I prefer non spicy hehe.


  1. I cannot stand too much spicy, don't know why. As long as my stomach feel full =P


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