20 October 2009

Negaraku 1957-2007

Got this from boss, a greeting card collection of Negaraku 1957-2007, Celebrating Malaysian Artistic Expression series.
I think it is 2007 production, but I'll just share it here, since this is the first time i see it.
Some brief information:
This greeting cards project is made possible by TEC Asia, the world's largest CEO membership organizatin, Edward Soo, Lew & Co and the Sunway Group.

The greeting card has 2 sets ( I assumed that ):

 Purple Color

Blue Color


The greeting cards title are taken from some of the famous Historical figures of ARTS, like Khatijah Awang, P. Ramlee, etc.. At the back of the card tells the background  of the character.

Khatijah Awang

Recently, there was one thing always troubling me --- Somehow I am facing the problem of taking a good angle to take food's picture. So I did some practices like the picture below:
The Gu Lou Yok Rice I usually eat.

18 October 2009

Fun Taipei Tea Cafe aka 趣台北

Went to PJ SS2 yesterday, suggested by one of my friend. We had our dinner @ Fun Taipei Tea Cafe aka 趣台北.

 Tried to take a best angle for it
The cafe serves Taiwanese foods with affordable price. Since the waitress recommended us the 卤肉饭 aka Mince Meat Rice, so I and one of my friend ordered it and another friend ordered a Lemon Fish Chip Rice.

 The Menu is an old time style design.

Minced Meat Rice aka 卤肉饭
It serves together with Spiced corned egg, cabbage, and taufu. The rice taste nice but small portion, the rest were taste like normal.

Lemon Fish Chip Rice aka 柠檬鱼片饭
I didn't taste the garnish so I didn't know how it taste like. But I tasted the fish chip. It was normal taste also, but still worth to try.

Honey Milky Tea (my order)
After the a short time of struggling, finally I decided to order this drinks. And it didn't disappointed me. A not-so-sweet drinks, I like it!

Emily, One of my friend who dinner with us.
 When she was eating, I managed to capture this scene *heh*

We chat inside the shop until almost 11 o'clock. It was a good and enjoy dinner for me. Wait for next meeting hehe.

15 October 2009

Connaught Garden - Longest and Biggest Pasar Malam In Town

Every Wednesday, there is one pasar malam held in Connaught Garden, Cheras. What is the different between ordinary pasar malam and this Connaught Pasar Malam? Easy, it is the longest, biggest and most crowded pasar malam in Malaysia~

Yesterday just happened as a Wednesday, and my friends were free as well. Combined the above condition, so my plan of going to visit this Famous  Pasar Malam finally had its chance to ON~

We had tried some food but not all are nice and delicious, most of them are consider normal only. By the way, this pasar malam really worth to visit, there was damn many things selling there.

First, we tried the Chow Taufu ( After I'd finished it only remember I haven't take a single photo yet =.=''). This  Chow Taufu, before we reach its stall we already can smell it, the weird thing was when we were in front of the stall the smell gone. Really weird.

Then, we tried the Ampang Crunchy and Cripsy Taufu. Yes, taufu again hehe. Let's check out the picture first. The taufu is normal but the ingredients were nice. So I give a Thumb to it. ( It is not oily at all~)

Ampang Crunchy and Cripsy Taufu

After we met another friend, we straight away head to one of the Asam Laksa stall. We were unlucky because we picked a not-so-delicious stall since there was 4 or 5 stalls selling Laksa.

Tasted like ordinary laksa, a bit disappointed

Then we tried the 爆浆肉丸 aka Explode Meetball ( Bao Jiong Yok Yun ).
The most special part of this meetball was when we eat it, we suddenly heard one sound like " Jit ", the crush inside will splashed out. One of my friend - Shermin got it on her spec and hair, haha...


My friend said the guy at the back spoiled the picture but I don't think so haha.. That is pasar malam feel ok~

Oh ya, one thing that three of us never seen before in other pasar malam was this:

China Burger~

Haha...China Burger which made with egg and flour. The stall was selling Pork, Sotong and Sausage three types of the burger. The untie was so enthusiastic until she ignore the other customers *haha*. And by here we managed to get a chance to invite our Host of Ho Jiak No2 aka Ronald to take a photo with it~

He gave a Thumb for it!

We'd spent almost 3 hours at the Pasar Malam. It was too crowded and touch shoulder. Damn tired after that. But this pasar malam really worth to visit~ Will go again next time since there is still many things I haven't try yet.

10 October 2009

GASOLINE + 吓到笑/Where got Ghost?

Yeah! Friday night what should we do? Go out ! Yum cha! Movie!
Obviously I did three things above yesterday night. Went out with friend and then go for movie and finally yum cha~
Booked the ticket in Timesquare GSC, so we decided to have our dinner there. Don't want to eat McDonald, so I suggested to have our dinner in Gasoline.

Here is my order:

Mongolic Seafood Rice

My friend's order:

Gam Heong Fried Rice
Somehow the picture is blur = =" 

The movie 吓到笑 aka Where Got Ghost? is kinda funny and it is not what I thought before I watch it.
It has been showing very long time, finally I'd catch a chance to watch it. The movie got three parts of story, all are not related. 《路边有鬼》,《树林有鬼》,and 《家里有鬼》
The funny part of the movie was the way those actor talk. They speak hokkien most of the time.

In 《路边有鬼》:

Quote: "Wu tao no dio si bo bian la"
Translate: I am too Smart, cant control.
Quote: "Halo, 我是代表 Huat Zai Yah打给你的,你的Lucky number 是 xxxx……"
Translate: Hallo, I represent God of Wealth to call you, your lucky number is xxxx...

《家里有鬼》is act by the original actors of the 《钱不够用2》aka Money Not Enough 2. The ghost of course is the Grandma, and she was the same though she already died.

Quote: "Ah hui, Lu jia ba boi?"
Translate: Ah hui, did you eat already?

Quote: "Lu wu kua dio wa ang se lai sa bo? Mickey Mouse eh."
Translate: Did you see my red color bra? Mickey Mouse one.

And same as in Money Not Enough 2, the story is quite touch also.

Actually the movie is a little bit scary also. I and my friend were scared in few scene. Haha...

After the movie, we straight head to yum cha~ By that time, I was feeling hungry again and ordered a Mee I cant remember the name heh

06 October 2009

Toddy the Coconut Brew

Another day, I went to Port Klang - Teluk Gong to pre-celebrate my friend's birthday.  
Go Port Klang to eat what?SEAFOOD!

We can have seafood at many places, but there is one thing that is I never see before.
tada~ by here I present the ~"Toddy" or "Tuba"

Toddy coconut brew is a common alcoholic drinks in the coconut region.
It was tasted sour. Some Guinness Stout add in will make it taste nicer.

 And then like This

It taste kinda nice for me though this is the first time I drink it. Should try.

p/s: the seafood is kinda nice also. The restaurant was crowded but their service was good  fast, shocked. 
name of the restaurant 椰花园海鲜 Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant

05 October 2009

One of the most SUFFER things

One day, I went to Pizza Hut with my brother, SS15 Subang Jaya, and i'd found out one fact. One of the most suffer things in the world is : When you got an ulcer inside your mouth and you still go to order a Crunchy Thai Seafood Pizza.

 One thing it would be more suffer than the above situation.
That is: You go to order a Crunchy Thai Seafood Pizza with TWO ulcers inside your mouth, just like me.

Today, I found there is one thing it is very cruel.
That is: I tell the Crunchy Thai Seafood and the ulcer story to my friend, who is currently sick and cannot eat Pizza half year at least.


03 October 2009

Goodbye and Hi

Says "Goodbye" to my room, though I only stay 3 months.

And says "Hi" to my next 3 months' room.