15 October 2009

Connaught Garden - Longest and Biggest Pasar Malam In Town

Every Wednesday, there is one pasar malam held in Connaught Garden, Cheras. What is the different between ordinary pasar malam and this Connaught Pasar Malam? Easy, it is the longest, biggest and most crowded pasar malam in Malaysia~

Yesterday just happened as a Wednesday, and my friends were free as well. Combined the above condition, so my plan of going to visit this Famous  Pasar Malam finally had its chance to ON~

We had tried some food but not all are nice and delicious, most of them are consider normal only. By the way, this pasar malam really worth to visit, there was damn many things selling there.

First, we tried the Chow Taufu ( After I'd finished it only remember I haven't take a single photo yet =.=''). This  Chow Taufu, before we reach its stall we already can smell it, the weird thing was when we were in front of the stall the smell gone. Really weird.

Then, we tried the Ampang Crunchy and Cripsy Taufu. Yes, taufu again hehe. Let's check out the picture first. The taufu is normal but the ingredients were nice. So I give a Thumb to it. ( It is not oily at all~)

Ampang Crunchy and Cripsy Taufu

After we met another friend, we straight away head to one of the Asam Laksa stall. We were unlucky because we picked a not-so-delicious stall since there was 4 or 5 stalls selling Laksa.

Tasted like ordinary laksa, a bit disappointed

Then we tried the 爆浆肉丸 aka Explode Meetball ( Bao Jiong Yok Yun ).
The most special part of this meetball was when we eat it, we suddenly heard one sound like " Jit ", the crush inside will splashed out. One of my friend - Shermin got it on her spec and hair, haha...


My friend said the guy at the back spoiled the picture but I don't think so haha.. That is pasar malam feel ok~

Oh ya, one thing that three of us never seen before in other pasar malam was this:

China Burger~

Haha...China Burger which made with egg and flour. The stall was selling Pork, Sotong and Sausage three types of the burger. The untie was so enthusiastic until she ignore the other customers *haha*. And by here we managed to get a chance to invite our Host of Ho Jiak No2 aka Ronald to take a photo with it~

He gave a Thumb for it!

We'd spent almost 3 hours at the Pasar Malam. It was too crowded and touch shoulder. Damn tired after that. But this pasar malam really worth to visit~ Will go again next time since there is still many things I haven't try yet.


  1. duno how Ronald eat his ball le until i kene pancut...
    ya le...u snap tat ppl's butt.not nice la...like ham sap kong

  2. not ham sap la..just coincidence that butt want to join the scene..pasar malam ma~

  3. wow...sound like delicious la...i wan eat also..delicious la..

  4. chaiing come KL to join us la...

  5. Come Kl, ask shermin bring you go there, near her house nia.
    Many foods and stalls there, come come.

  6. CheeLeong cn b the driver so dun wori...haha

  7. haha...ya, no problems at all. You come I can belanja also.

  8. wahhh..good good,,yea....gt people belanja..next time i go thre makan banyak2..haha


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