18 October 2009

Fun Taipei Tea Cafe aka 趣台北

Went to PJ SS2 yesterday, suggested by one of my friend. We had our dinner @ Fun Taipei Tea Cafe aka 趣台北.

 Tried to take a best angle for it
The cafe serves Taiwanese foods with affordable price. Since the waitress recommended us the 卤肉饭 aka Mince Meat Rice, so I and one of my friend ordered it and another friend ordered a Lemon Fish Chip Rice.

 The Menu is an old time style design.

Minced Meat Rice aka 卤肉饭
It serves together with Spiced corned egg, cabbage, and taufu. The rice taste nice but small portion, the rest were taste like normal.

Lemon Fish Chip Rice aka 柠檬鱼片饭
I didn't taste the garnish so I didn't know how it taste like. But I tasted the fish chip. It was normal taste also, but still worth to try.

Honey Milky Tea (my order)
After the a short time of struggling, finally I decided to order this drinks. And it didn't disappointed me. A not-so-sweet drinks, I like it!

Emily, One of my friend who dinner with us.
 When she was eating, I managed to capture this scene *heh*

We chat inside the shop until almost 11 o'clock. It was a good and enjoy dinner for me. Wait for next meeting hehe.


  1. Wow.. u make me feel really hungry!!! Haha.. Seems like u enjoy d foods all ard yr work place..

  2. The food photo I snapped was not so nice la..you sure havent eat lunch just now.
    Ya, I'm quite enjoy my life here. Always go to kia kia and makan


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