10 October 2009

GASOLINE + 吓到笑/Where got Ghost?

Yeah! Friday night what should we do? Go out ! Yum cha! Movie!
Obviously I did three things above yesterday night. Went out with friend and then go for movie and finally yum cha~
Booked the ticket in Timesquare GSC, so we decided to have our dinner there. Don't want to eat McDonald, so I suggested to have our dinner in Gasoline.

Here is my order:

Mongolic Seafood Rice

My friend's order:

Gam Heong Fried Rice
Somehow the picture is blur = =" 

The movie 吓到笑 aka Where Got Ghost? is kinda funny and it is not what I thought before I watch it.
It has been showing very long time, finally I'd catch a chance to watch it. The movie got three parts of story, all are not related. 《路边有鬼》,《树林有鬼》,and 《家里有鬼》
The funny part of the movie was the way those actor talk. They speak hokkien most of the time.

In 《路边有鬼》:

Quote: "Wu tao no dio si bo bian la"
Translate: I am too Smart, cant control.
Quote: "Halo, 我是代表 Huat Zai Yah打给你的,你的Lucky number 是 xxxx……"
Translate: Hallo, I represent God of Wealth to call you, your lucky number is xxxx...

《家里有鬼》is act by the original actors of the 《钱不够用2》aka Money Not Enough 2. The ghost of course is the Grandma, and she was the same though she already died.

Quote: "Ah hui, Lu jia ba boi?"
Translate: Ah hui, did you eat already?

Quote: "Lu wu kua dio wa ang se lai sa bo? Mickey Mouse eh."
Translate: Did you see my red color bra? Mickey Mouse one.

And same as in Money Not Enough 2, the story is quite touch also.

Actually the movie is a little bit scary also. I and my friend were scared in few scene. Haha...

After the movie, we straight head to yum cha~ By that time, I was feeling hungry again and ordered a Mee I cant remember the name heh

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