20 October 2009

Negaraku 1957-2007

Got this from boss, a greeting card collection of Negaraku 1957-2007, Celebrating Malaysian Artistic Expression series.
I think it is 2007 production, but I'll just share it here, since this is the first time i see it.
Some brief information:
This greeting cards project is made possible by TEC Asia, the world's largest CEO membership organizatin, Edward Soo, Lew & Co and the Sunway Group.

The greeting card has 2 sets ( I assumed that ):

 Purple Color

Blue Color


The greeting cards title are taken from some of the famous Historical figures of ARTS, like Khatijah Awang, P. Ramlee, etc.. At the back of the card tells the background  of the character.

Khatijah Awang

Recently, there was one thing always troubling me --- Somehow I am facing the problem of taking a good angle to take food's picture. So I did some practices like the picture below:
The Gu Lou Yok Rice I usually eat.


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