06 October 2009

Toddy the Coconut Brew

Another day, I went to Port Klang - Teluk Gong to pre-celebrate my friend's birthday.  
Go Port Klang to eat what?SEAFOOD!

We can have seafood at many places, but there is one thing that is I never see before.
tada~ by here I present the ~"Toddy" or "Tuba"

Toddy coconut brew is a common alcoholic drinks in the coconut region.
It was tasted sour. Some Guinness Stout add in will make it taste nicer.

 And then like This

It taste kinda nice for me though this is the first time I drink it. Should try.

p/s: the seafood is kinda nice also. The restaurant was crowded but their service was good  fast, shocked. 
name of the restaurant 椰花园海鲜 Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant


  1. hey bro, d restaurant name i think is Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant, 椰花园海鲜.

  2. Oh i see. I searched online, someone's blog got the name card of the restaurant, only write the Malay name and the Chinese name like what i written. Anyway it just the same, thanks.

  3. ahahha...ya.is Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant. Blogger gav the wrong info

  4. Oh..somehow the name card of the restaurant use the name 椰园海鲜. Ok I'll correct it. Thanks


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