12 November 2009

Taiwan Food@Little Taiwan

One day i went out to have dinner with 2 friends. Walking in Sg.Wang and finally we decided to have our after-dinner-snack in Little Taiwan.


Taiwan Burger

Coffin Toast (棺材板)

Then, we got a RM3 Voucher from the shop. So we decided to go for 2nd time next time. And so here comes our 2nd visit pictures.

Sze Chuan Spicy Hot Pot

Pork Chop Rice

At the end, the Voucher given earlier still left in my wallet because I forgot to use it when we pay for the bill.
One weird thing is, the 1st visit to the restaurant, we spent RM40++ and we get a Voucher but the 2nd time we spent RM70+ but we get nothing.
What i would suggest after I'd visited 2 times is better for us to eat the snack since the noodles and the rice there are normal.


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