28 January 2010

First Post in 2010

        This is my first post in 2010. Hmm..in this new year, I wish everyone all the best in everything! Recently I just had a 2nd visit to Damai Puri Resort, Sarawak. The first time i go there it was half year ago, during the 3P courses period, with our 3P course coordinators ^^. My original plan on last weekend was to hike the Mount Santubong which is near to the Damai beach. But unfortunately the day wasn't that nice while we on the way to there it was already raining, heavily. So we changed our plan to give another visit to the Damai Beach. After we get into the Damai Puri Resort ( by telling the guard that we already booked our room ) and get our cars parked nicely, I spent some time to snap some pictures which I didn't try during the previous visit.

 Beach View From the Window

It was clouded already.

Another View of the beach

        Of course we went down to the beach. BUT, the moment we just put back our bags on the tree log which on the beach, took all the shoes off, the guard suddenly come and tell us visitors are not allowed to enter the beach area, only can walk around inside the lobby. Ok, fine, then we decided to change to Permai Beach which we have to pay for the entry fee RM4.And yes, we paid and get in, it was just beside Damai Puri Resort. Permai is also another resort and it is more natural compared to Damai Puri Resort. Visitors can either stay in the tree house which build on the tree or the terrace house, surrounded by all the trees.

        There is one small pond on the top of the Permai Resort but it is really SMALL so we gave up our plan to spend some time in the pond and go to the beach. Haha...sarcastic, the beach of Permai and the beach of Damai Resort is just the same. There isn't any fence or guards on the beach there to tell us which one part is belong to Permai or Damai!! If we just walk from Damai Resort beach to Permai beach, 100m distance? or 50m ? I don't know. But i'm very sure it is damn bloody near just walking distance! We paid RM4 to have little sight seeing, on the way to Permai Resort lolxxxx

        I spent about half an hour to snap some pictures on the beach, and while I was planning to go to the Damai Puri area and tell the guards: Hey, it is me again..... RAINING AGAIN. Wuhuuu, because the gals on car say they rather to go back to hostel and have a nice bath first and then go for some shopping and movie, I had my first Walking In the Rain Experience in Sarawak hahaaha. The rain was damn heavy!


One of the gals, Lung Hei

Permai side of beach is more rocky

        Shopping! The Spring, had the dinner in SCR Express (Singapore Chicken Rice), of course, took some pictures again. And I would like to share it here to end my first post XD

Black Pepper Chicken Rice

Chicken Roll

Sawi with Oyster sauce